Witney Town Council declared a Climate Emergency at the Council meeting on 26th June and swiftly followed up with a Public Meeting on Sunday 28th July  enabling everyone to share ideas and visions for change, and to explore ways in which we can all work together to make Witney net-zero carbon as soon as possible.

Why are the government, local councils and organisations declaring an emergency?  Many organisations have been working for many years to try to prevent climate change, but change needs to happen faster. It’s a key priority to prevent global temperatures from increasing by more than 1.5%, the consequences of which, would have a massive impact on all of us.

It has become clear that ‘Business as Usual’ is no longer an option and that action must be taken urgently to limit the negative impacts of Climate Change. This action necessarily involves everyone; individuals, organisations and all tiers of local and national government, nationally, and globally.

Witney Town Council Leader, Cllr. Rosa Bolger says;

“Our climate emergency is the most pressing issue we will face in our lifetime, it’s critical that all levels of council show real ambition in working to tackle this disaster. This public meeting is just the first step in our commitment to actively involve the public, consult with experts and create a plan that uses the powers of the council to work for real solutions. We must think global and act local.”

Witney Town Council is committed to ensuring that the town does everything possible to become carbon neutral and to ensure a cleaner and better future for its residents.


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