Town Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer- Mrs Sharon Groth

Responsible for all of the Council workforce and its functions, long-term projects and management of the administrative function of the Council.

Operations and Estates Officer- Mr John Hickman

Oversees the day to day running of all council facilities  and amenities. Manages contracted staff and the Council’s own works team.

01993 777825

Administrative Assistant – supporting the Operations & Estates Officer – Mrs Clare Stringer

Assists the Operations and Estates Officer in the day to day running of the Council’s facilities.

01993 777825

Democratic Services Officer – Mrs Nichola Cayley

Responsible for administration relating to democratic services, including production of agenda and minutes for all Council and Committee meetings.

01993 777822

Public Halls Officer – Mr Pete Miles

Oversees the day to day running and administration of the Public Halls.

01993 702309

Communications Officer – Mrs Polly Inness

Manages the Website and any other communications with the Council including social media. Also responsible for managing Civic events organised by the Council.

01993 777828

 Bookings Administrator

Administrator for all bookings with the Council for Public Halls.

01993 702309

Cemeteries Officer – Miss Tracy Minns

Administers all aspects of burials within the Town Council owned cemeteries.

01993 777820

Office Manager – Mr Adam Clapton

Supports the Town Clerk to ensure the smooth running of the Democratic, Corporate Governance and Financial administration of the Council..

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