Strategic Documents

Model Publication Scheme

Witney Town Council Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

General Power of Competence

The General Power of Competence (GPC) is a power of first resort enabling parish and town councils who have adopted it to do anything that individuals generally may do, that is, very broadly, anything that is not otherwise prohibited by law.

Restrictions in law which apply to the use of the GPC include the duties on councils to act to prevent crime and disorder, to respect human rights, to consider biodiversity and to protect personal data.

Witney Town Council adopted the GPC at its meeting held on 23 March 2016. This power remains with the Town Council until the Annual Meeting following each ordinary election; it can then be readopted at that Annual Meeting if the council is still eligible. In order to be eligible for the GPC there are two criteria that must be fulfilled

  • At the time when the GPC is adopted, at least two thirds of the total seats on the council must be held by members who stood at the last ordinary election or a subsequent by-election, i.e. council members who have been elected (even if unopposed) rather than co-opted or appointed.
  • The Clerk must hold either the Certificate in Local Council Administration or an equivalent qualification.

Council Documents

Procedural Standing Orders

Witney Town Council Standing Orders – March 2016

Committee and sub-committee terms of reference

Witney Town Council Committees Terms of Reference

Code of Conduct

Witney Town Council Code of Conduct

Complaints Procedure and Form

Witney Town Council Complaints Procedure

Witney Town Council Complaints Form

Delegated Authority – under review


Freedom of Information Policy

Information Security Policy

Records Management Policy

Data Protection Policy

ICO Certificate of Registration

Filming and Recording of Meetings Policy

Witney Town Council Filming and Recording of Meetings Policy

Social Media Policy

Witney Town Council Social Media Policy

Financial Documents

Witney TC Financial Regulations 2016

Exercise of Public Rights 2016

Annual Governance Statement 2015-16(1)

Accounting Statement 15-16 (unaudited)

Witney Town Council Annual Return for Financial year ending 31.03.2014

Witney Town Council Annual Return for Financial year ending 31.03.2015

Budget 2016/17

Budget Guidance Notes 2016-17

Precept 2016/17

Witney Town Council Precept 2016-17

How the Precept will be spent 2016-17

Payments over £500

Payments over £500 April 2016 to January 2017

Grants Awarded

Grants and Subsidised Lettings 2015-16

Grants awarded for the current council year can be found listed on a table on the Grants page under Services

Current Contracts

Staff Documents

Staffing Structure

Witney Town Council Staffing Structure 2015

All policies and procedures regarding the Council staff are laid out in the Staff Handbook that can be viewed on request at the Town Hall.


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