Deputy Mayor

Brenda Churchill has served on Witney Town Council for 15 years so will bring plenty of experience to her new role as Deputy Mayor. In her time on the council, Councillor Churchill  contributed greatly to the development of the Christmas Lights switch on during the time that it was run by Witney Town Council and continues to be a huge supporter of this and other community events such as In Bloom.

Brenda is very proud that she represents a town that is so supportive of charity and community events and is excited about moving forward with some of the initiatives she is already involved with, such as the Witney Vision Community Planning group.

Being disabled herself, Brenda is an advocate for other disabled residents and actively campaigns for change at the Traffic Advisory Group meetings. For many years she also represented the town at the Neighbourhood Action Group.

She is a passionate supporter of the NHS and is a governor of the NHS University Hospitals Trust.  Most recently she has been at the forefront of the battle to save the Deer Park Medical Centre, a fight which continues.

Facebook -Save Deer Park Medical Centre

Councillor Churchill is very family orientated and has three children, seven grandchildren and one great grandchild.  There are five generations in her family as Brenda’s father, Thomas will be one hundred years old on 5th January 2018.

Brenda splits her time between her home here in Witney and her caravan in Swanage. Councillor Churchill’s husband, Mark, is from there originally so there is more family in Swanage!

As Deputy Mayor, Brenda is looking forward to meeting new people and renewing old acquaintances from her time on County and District Councils.

She is really looking forward to being an advocate for the town and an ambassador at the events she will be attending in support of the Mayor.






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