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Inclusivity and Diversity Panel


As part of our ‘Belonging in Witney’ programme and our commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive community, we are delighted to be able to offer Witney employers and their employees a free one hour webinar.
The Belonging@Work webinars, which will be accompanied by a comprehensive Belonging@Work Playbook, will help local businesses to support diversity, inclusion and belonging in the workplace. You will learn:
• Why a sense of belonging is something we all need
• Why diversity is the key to innovation & business growth
• How to attract, support and retain diverse talent in your business.
FACILITATOR: Helen May, Witney resident and owner of diversity and inclusion business Belonging@Work
There is a limited number of tickets for each date and three dates to choose from:
Mon 14 Jun, Thu 15 July and Wed 8 September


Building on an existing, robust equality policy, Witney Town Council plans to research and apply additional diversity initiatives so that it better serves our community, and, as an employer, ensures that all are given the support and opportunities to succeed and reach their full potential as individuals, regardless of background.

Can you help the Town Council do this? We are looking to engage with people from minority demographics and communities in the town, to share their ideas and experience with us. If you take a strong interest in our town or have ideas about changes you would like to see, then you have just what we are looking for. To find out more about sharing your ideas and expertise please drop an email to and we can put you in touch with members of the panel.

Liaising, with community groups and other relevant bodies will extend consultation and interaction with people from a wide range of ages and backgrounds at all levels. Understanding the scale and scope of diversity, will help the Town Council challenge definitions and champion change, where needed, within its own organisation and the wider community.

Cllr Owen Collins, Chair of the Stronger Communities Committee, said,

As a Council we are absolutely committed to representing the whole town – including those demographics who have been historically under-represented, or who have previously found barriers to their engagement.

 As our community evolves, so too must the Council, and I encourage anyone who has ideas on how Witney Town Council can better reflect the people it serves to get in touch and help us create that positive change.”

As part of its annual review process the council looks to evaluate and improve the way it is meeting equality legislation and statutory requirements and how these are put into practice.

Witney Town Council recognises that in a constantly evolving world, no matter how much it is already doing well and what has already been achieved, being fully paid up members of a global society will require further steps in this journey. By adapting and augmenting what it already does to reflect the changes in our community, it can be instrumental in expanding a thriving, inclusive environment and workplace culture that fosters and embraces respect and values diversity.

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