Advance Notification – Burford Road junction with Deer Park Road 2nd October for 4 weeks

Road works with temporary traffic lights- Burford Road junction with Deer Park Road 2nd October for 4 weeks.


Oxfordshire County Council is in the process of assessing key signal controlled junctions in Oxfordshire with a view to upgrading the mode of operation from the existing Vehicle Actuated system to MOVA (Microprocessor Optimised Vehicle Actuation)

MOVA operation offers reduced delays to traffic and increases capacity (typical average improvement of 13%)

For MOVA operation to be implemented it will be necessary to extend the existing network of ducts and chambers in the footway/verge to enable new traffic signal detector loops to be installed in the carriageway (see drawing attached). Pedestrian access will be maintained and for certain parts of the work temporary signals will be required. At the same time we will be refurbishing the entire site, replacing all signal poles (except the two on the island on Burford Road which were recently replaced following an RTC), signal heads and the signal controller and all underground cabling. The new system will be Extra Low Voltage (48v) as opposed to the existing LV 240v which will greatly decrease power consumption as well as reducing risks due to RTCs or vandalism.

We anticipate work to be starting on Monday 2nd October and last approximately 4 weeks


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