Car Free Day – 22 September -Local Walks

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If you are thinking of getting around on foot on Tuesday, we have put together a  list of local walks, some of which you might know and others that may be new to you:

  • Lake and Country Park – access through Station Lane Avenue 2 or off Langel common behind the Leisure Centre and through the hay meadow.
  • Visit the Tiny Forest at Eton Close on Cogges – it’s still very little but growing well and a great place to spot some butterflies and creepy crawlies
  • Cogges or Madley into the town centre across Langel Common
  • West End to Marriotts across the field and Windrush and up Puck Lane
  • Alongside the Windrush from the back of the Mill past the Bathing Place and up to Dry Lane in Crawley
  • Deer Park Wood
  • Burwell to The Leys across the traffic lights on Ducklington Lane and along the lane beside Lidl.
  • This one sounds a bit odd, but consider a walk through our beautiful Victorian Cemetery. Here is a  guide to help you discover some of the most interesting historical and  unusual features there and another to help identify some of the wildlife.

  • Why not walk to a play area that’s not your nearest one and see what is there. We have 10 parks that you can visit:
  1. Eton Close, Cogges
  2. Oxlease, Cogges
  3. The Leys, Station Lane
  4. King George V field Newland
  5. Burwell Recreation Ground, Burwell Farm
  6. Moorland Avenue, off Welch Way
  7. Quarry Road, West End
  8. Wood Green, Woodstock Road
  9. Fieldmere Close, Windrush Valley (Smiths)
  10. Ralegh Crescent, Deer Park

If you know of other walks that you enjoy why not share them under the hashtag #CarFreeDayWitney