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There are lots of excellent Community Action and Business Resilience posts dotted around on Facebook.

Many of you have one for your own village or area and they are great for keeping your fellow residents up to date with what is going on.
Witney Land Army are centrally organising volunteers through their page and you can sign up using this form. This will help co-ordinate all the offers of general help.

Witney land army covid19 volunteer

Meanwhile, local businesses continue to make generous offers to help each other and members of the public on various sites. The main one for Witney seems to be: Support your Witney community during the Covid-19 outbreak:

Support your Witney community during the Covid-19 outbreak link

and there are others offering help in the surrounding towns and villages such as Carterton & Brize Coronavirus community assistance group- which offers “Advice, Resources and Kindness”

Please don’t forget Volunteer Link Up who always need volunteers and will need them more than ever right now and finally take care of yourselves.


If you are finding it all a bit much and need some support with anxiety or other mental health conditions MIND offers help and support

Mind Mental Health Information and support link