Mayor’s Charity Fund 2018-19

In a break with tradition the Mayor for 2018-19, Cllr Brenda Churchill has decided to help as many local groups and charities as possible in her year as Mayor by fundraising towards a ‘Mayor’s Charity Fund’.

It is the Mayor’s sincere hope that local Witney groups/charities will be able to apply for small grants from this fund to carry out smaller scale projects, which it can often be difficult to obtain funding for and which have a direct benefit to Witney residents.

Applications are now being welcomed for a grant by way of an application administered by Witney Town Council.

A completed application form with any accompanying information (please see the awarding policy above) should be returned to the; Mayor’s Grant-aid Applications 2018-19, Witney Town Council, Town Hall, Witney, OX28 6AG by 3rd May 2019. Successful applications will be notified by 15th May 2019.