Memorial Stability Testing Update

Our memorial Stability Testing programme at Tower Hill Cemetery will soon be coming to an end. Do you have one of these on a memorial you own?

unstable memorial

What is this?

This is a notice that has been attached to a memorial that has failed a stability test. It is there for two reasons. We need to be able to trace the owners and we also need to warn that there is a potential hazard.

Why was it tested?

The council is required by law to carry out memorial testing every five years.

Why has it failed?

A professionally trained specialist has determined that this memorial does not meet current safety standards. This criteria is not set by the council and we must abide by the law.

What do I do?

All we ask at this stage is that you contact us on the following number and leave your name and a contact number so we can call you back.  01993 704379

What happens next?

Once we establish the owners of the Exclusive Rights of Burial (the owner of the grave plot and any memorial placed on it) we will contact the owners to explain what happens next depending on the test results.

We need to ensure that our records are up to date and that we are talking to the owners who are the only people who can make a decision about what happens next.

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