Music Festival – Press Release Information for Residents

In response to a number of enquiries from concerned residents Witney Town Council is keen to clarify the permissions that have been granted by the Town Council to the organisers of Witney Music Festival for their event on The Leys Recreation Ground on Saturday June 10th.

Due to the success of the event the number of people attending over the last few years has grown and the entertainment has evolved to include fireworks and well known bands and artistes.  The Music Festival runs a number of smaller events across the town culminating in a great day of free entertainment for families.

Although not a charity event, the festival was previously granted free use of its land by the Town Council to help support the organisers as the event developed. The Music Festival is now well established but still receives a subsidised letting of Town Council land, as holding festivals of this type in Witney is perceived as being of social and economic benefit to the town as a whole.

The event will open to the public at 11am with the following timings agreed:

  • The funfair must finish at 10pm in line with our policy for all Fairs on the Leys
  • All stage entertainment, music, fireworks and alcohol sales must finish at 11pm
  • The VIP after -party music, food and alcohol sales must finish at midnight and members of the public including ticket holders  must vacate the site by 12.30am

Leader of the Council, Councillor Toby Morris said;

 “Over the course of the last couple of years development has taken place on land adjoining the Leys increasing the number of private residences close by which includes a retirement home.

 As such the Town Council has a duty to ensure that the Leys and events on the Leys are accessible and acceptable to all and do not cause a nuisance to those who live nearby. It also has a duty to manage and maintain the ground in order that it remains in good condition and fit for purpose. In this way the Leys is able to accommodate not just large scale, one off events such as carnivals, fairs and festivals, but also the regular sporting fixtures of our local cricket and football teams.

 Late additions to the Event Plan were not discussed ahead of their inclusion and no discussion held about events that are planned to finish much later than the Town Council would normally give permission for. As a result of this lack of engagement the council feels it is only fair to let residents know that they may experience some noise later than they might normally expect.

The event is licensed by West Oxfordshire District Council but Witney Town Council is the Custodian of the Leys. If you encounter any issues or problems with the event you should contact Witney Town Council on 01993 704379 (please note this number is not manned out of office hours) or on