Random Acts of Kindness Day

Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day, do something spontaneously nice!
But then why not PLAN to do something nice too? How about a glamorous ball or a table top sale to raise money and awareness for your favourite charity. It’s very easy to book one of our halls. Simply pick up the phone and call 01993 777821 and speak to Michelle or email michelle.brooks@witney-tc.gov.uk



Community Plan Meeting Wed 15 Feb 7pm at the Corn Exchange

Our town is growing fast and will experience a good deal of change over the next decade or so. If you have an interest in how the community will develop and would like to put your ideas across, there is a meeting in the Corn Exchange on Wednesday 15th February at 7pm.  More information can be found here on the Witney Vision Facebook Page.

What is a Community Led Plan?

Basically, it’s a non -statutory  plan based on  local needs, issues and aspirations as identified by community members that might be used to help inform future plans for your town or parish.  It gives everyone a chance to make suggestions about actions and developments they would like to see happen in the short term and further ahead for the future of the town.

It’s a positive way to work in partnership with all stakeholders within the town, including Local Authorities, to help shape future provision.




The primary source of income for most Parish Councils comes from the Precept, part of the Council Tax. We hope to explain the contribution you make to the Town Council through your Council Tax and how it is spent.
The Town Council receives a small proportion of the local Council Tax. It does not receive any direct funding from central government. The funding collected pays for the running of the Council and the services it provides.
The Town Council makes an estimate of income and expenditure for the next financial year, including some for future planned projects and/or unexpected events. It is then calculated as an amount per Council Tax Band D Property and added to the Council Tax Bill of all the dwellings within the Parish area.
West Oxfordshire District Council collects your Council Tax on behalf of the District Council, County Council, Police, Fire and the precepts for any Parish/Town Councils in their district. It is important to note that Witney Town Council’s precept is just a small percentage of your overall Council Tax Bill.
This year, there is a small increase in the precept charge to Witney residents. The precept has been limited to an increase of just 3.36%. From April 2017 the cost per average household (Band D property) has increased from £130.52 to £134.91 per annum. This is a rise of £4.29 per property for the year, which equates to a weekly increase of only 8.4p per household.
Along with having to continue to absorb cuts to Central Government support grants, we have allocated budgets to the recently reopened Corn Exchange and committed a budget to support a local bus service for residents.
Your precept is spent on maintaining the provision of all the facilities and services the Town Council offers as shown in the graphic.


Bridge Street Road Closure – advance notice



Section 14(1) & (7)


Notice of Temporary Traffic Order

Witney, A4095 Bridge Street

Prohibition of Through Traffic & Waiting

Date of Order: 18 January 2017

Coming into force: 23 January 2017

 The Closure Area

This Order is being introduced because of a new Zebra crossing installation and associated roadworks which are anticipated to take 4 weeks to complete.


The effect of the Order is twofold:

1.)  is to temporarily prohibit any vehicle waiting in the whole length of Bridge Street;

2.)  for the last two nights only – to close the road to all traffic.

Appropriate traffic signs will be displayed to indicate when the measures are in force.

Exemptions are included for emergency services and for the works and for access to premises which are only accessible from the closed section of road.

The alternative route for traffic is via the B4022 Oxford Hill, A40 to Eynsham, B4449 to the A415 to Ducklington and Witney, Station Lane, Witan Way, High Street and vice versa.

 The Diversion

The relevant part of the Oxfordshire County Council (Various Roads – West Oxfordshire) (Prohibition and Restriction of Waiting and Permitted Parking) Order 2012 (as amended) which permits 30 minute parking shall be suspended for the duration of the works.


This Order will remain in force for a maximum period of 18 months or until the works have been completed whichever is the sooner.


Traffic Regulations Team (Ref JaC) for the Director for Environment & Economy, County Hall, Oxford OX1 1ND. 0345 310 1111.


Mayor of Witney Issues Letter of Condolence to German Twin Town

In the wake of the terror attack in Berlin, Witney Town Council has issued the following message of condolence from the Mayor of Witney to Burgermeister Wolfgang Panzer, Mayor of our German twin town, Unterhaching.


Dear Burgermeister Panzer

It was with great shock and sadness that we heard the news of the attack on Berlin’s Christmas Market.  On behalf of the people of Witney I would like to offer our sincere condolences to the people of Berlin, Unterhaching and all of Germany, to all the victims and their families and those that have suffered as a result of the attacks.  This, of course, is extended to all those from other countries that were attending the market.

The horror of the attack touches us all and the effects of the suffering in Berlin will impact on all of Germany’s neighbours and friends.

We have a strong bond through our Twinning Association which encourages European towns to link with each other, to encourage the exploration of each other’s countries, culture and lives and to nurture an understanding in the hope of greater accord between us.

The strength of the ties between our towns reflects our enduring friendship and our shared values of community, freedom and tolerance. Our thoughts are with you all at a time when we should be sharing a message of joy, but instead are forced to reflect on recent events with sadness.

 Notwithstanding what has happened Witney stands with you and sends you a message of peace and goodwill.

 Yours sincerely


Cllr. Chris Holliday

Mayor of Witney



Christmas Competition Winners 2016

This year Witney Town Council has reinstated the Christmas competitions for best decorated house and best dressed shop window.  Councillors submitted suggestions for winners of the house competition from within their own wards for consideration, along with shop windows that had installed festive displays.

Judging was undertaken by a panel of councillors who were delighted with the high standard.

Colin Williams, a resident of Queen Emma’s Dyke is the 2016 winner of the Best Decorated House Competition. Mr Williams said that he and his wife, who is originally from Michigan, USA decorate their home each year purely for the love of the Season.

They had no idea that they had been considered for the competition so were astonished when the Mayor turned up on their doorstep in his chain and presented them with a bottle of champagne, donated by Breckon and Breckon who sponsored the competition.

Cllr Chris Holliday, Mayor of Witney Town Council said;

”Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Williams on winning the competition. We know that their home is appreciated by many other residents and that’s what this is all about. I would encourage others to get involved and take part in future years and if your house is tucked away, or off the beaten track, make sure you let us know it is there so we can come and take a look”.

Pictured Mr Williams with Mayor Chris Holliday and the winning house.

 Once again, the retailers of Witney demonstrated a real talent for capturing the festive spirit in their windows.  Winner of the best dressed window went to The African Children’s Fund Charity Shop in Corn Street who have a display of wreaths, bows and Christmas decorations. The Mayor is delighted that they have won the competition as they take every opportunity to get involved with window dressing, including awareness raising days for other charities.

The Mayor will present them with the Abbott Diabetes Care Challenge Trophy to display in their winning window.

The Town Council also ran its traditional Christmas Competitions for primary school children. They are asked to submit designs for the Town Council’s official Christmas card, a design to create a poster to advertise the Mayor’s carol service and for the first time in a number of years, a Christmas Light, which has been installed on the Town Hall . Prize winners were presented at their school assemblies at the end of November.


Winner of the Design a Christmas Light Competition, Eve Woodruff, with her parents, the Mayor and Marc Hatcher of Scott Fraser, who sponsored this year’s light. The light in situ on the Town Hall (photo courtesy of James Oakey)


Below is a complete list of winners and runners up. Congratulations to everyone.  We would love to see even more entries next year!


Best Decorated House  -Mr & Mrs Williams of Queen Emma’s Dyke


Best dressed shop Window – The African Children’s Fund Shop, Corn Street


Design a Light

  • Winner – Eve Woodruff age 9, West Witney Primary School
  • Runner Up – Lyla age 9, Madley Brook County Primary School
  • Runner Up – Harry  age 9, Madley Brook County Primary School


Design a Christmas Card

  • Winner – Lidia age 8, The King’s School
  • Runner Up – Lily age 10, The King’s School
  • Runner Up – Emmeline  age 9, Madley Brook County Primary School


Design a Poster

  • Winner – Megan  age 11, Queen Emma’s Primary School
  • Runner Up – Hannah age 9, The King’s School
  • Runner Up – Josiah age 8, The King’s School



Our Christmas Light Competiton Winner








Here is Eve, the winner of our Christmas Light Competition with her winning design. Pictured with Eve are Mayor, Chris Holliday who presented her with her prize and Marc Hatcher of Scott Fraser who sponsored the light. Eve’s parents also kindly posed for a photo or two. The competition was run through Witney’s primary schools and children were asked to submit designs back before the summer holidays!


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