Press statement – Witney Music Festival

At a full council meeting at Witney Town Council last night the following motion was tabled.

“In light of what we have now heard and the associated problems with the hiring of The Corn Exchange, Witney Town Council can no longer agree to allow the Witney Music Festival to take place on The Leys in August 2018 unless and until a fully approved and complete Event Management Plan which adheres to all the Town Councils terms and conditions as well as all rules on Health and Safety has been received by 9am on Friday 29th June 2018.”

Witney Town Council wishes to demonstrate complete transparency about the decision it has taken to table this motion and the issues that have led us to this point.

 It is not a decision that has been taken lightly. It is based on previous experience of working with the organisers of the Witney Music Festival and on several key points of concern that have not been addressed.

 The organisers are not new to the event or the venue and are aware when booking, of the paperwork required and the deadlines by which that is required, in order for the Town Council to ensure that the permit can be signed off in good time.

 Members of the public attending the festival have the right to know that Witney Town Council, as landlord, has exercised due diligence and is satisfied that organisers have done everything possible to mitigate any risk to and ensure public safety at an event held by a third party on its land.

Thus far the festival has failed to meet the criteria of a safe event.

Organisers of the festival have said that they are happy to work with Witney Town Council to resolve the outstanding issues and the Council hope that this can settle the matter.