Resident’s Satisfaction Survey 2018 – What you told us

We asked you to rate Witney Town Council Services in this year’s Resident’s Satisfaction Survey . We had a total of 183 responses—a sharp contrast to the 531 responses we received 2 years ago.

We asked you to score our services from  1 Excellent to 4 Poor,
added space for you to tell us why you rated any of the services poor and a section for you to comment on anything else you felt strongly about, good or bad!

The results showed significant improvement trends in
satisfaction levels about Town Council Services since our 2016
survey. The results will be used to inform policy and will help us to continue to seek to improve service delivery across all

Since all the information and data you feed back to us in our surveys is anonymous we are unable to feedback directly to you with
answers to any questions you pose via the survey.

Witney Town Council holds the view that it is important to
respond where possible so this leaflet aims to address some of the points made by you this year.

In this leaflet we will address the three services that prompted the most comments from you, generally a mix of positive and negative comments, apart from where bins and benches are concerned!

These were:

1Outdoor Spaces

2 Bins and Benches

3 Communication

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Survey Response to Comments 2018