Splash Park Latest Friday 22nd July

We have some heroes working really hard to get the splash park up and running. The team of electricians at Techlec have successfully identified an electrical fault and new equipment for that is on its way. The pump that has failed is a specialist item that we cannot just get off the shelf. A new one has been ordered but in the mean time Chris Marshall at C & C Pumping UK Ltd has amazingly built a makeshift pump from our broken one and spares that he had at his depot. This has involved him making 5 hr round trips to and from Newark on the last two days for us! Once the electrical equipment is here we can try the makeshift pump out and hopefully get the splash pads toilets and showers at the Pavilion up and running while the new pump arrives. We are doing everything we can and will continue to post updates even over the weekend so if there is good news you will find it here. Thank you all for your patience and to the guys at Techlec and C& C pumping for their determination to fix things!