The Buttercross Clock update 22.08.18

As the Buttercross is designated a scheduled monument this means that special permission has to be sought from the Secretary of State  to carry out any work on it. This extends to accessing the clock mechanism.  An application was lodged with the Secretary of State via Historic England and we have now received a response confirming that the work can be undertaken.

In the interim period, during inspection ahead of the work beginning,  it was determined that the building had some structural issues making it unsafe for anyone to enter the roof space to repair the clock.  The Town Council are now in the process of commissioning the required work to make the roof space safe. This building work is very specialist and needs to be undertaken by builders with appropriate experience to undertake the work advised by the structural engineers.  Once this has been carried out the clock will be able to be repaired.

‘Once a monument is scheduled any works to it, and flooding and tipping operations that might affect it, with few exceptions require scheduled monument consent from the Secretary of State, (not the local planning authority). Historic England manages the process of scheduled monument consent on behalf of the Secretary of State. Metal detecting on a Scheduled Monument is also illegal without a licence from Historic England.’

More information can be found here