Town Council Urges Residents to Keep Faith with Lockdown Exit Strategy

Witney Town Council is encouraging people to keep faith with the lockdown exit strategy, continue to follow government guidance and not take part in public gatherings in the town’s parks.
The Government’s guidance is clear – public gatherings of more than two people are prohibited and social distancing should be maintained at all times. Signs are up in Witney’s parks, reminding people to respect social distancing rules and that play equipment is still off limits to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Luci Ashbourne says,

“We are living through unprecedented times, and I have been so proud of the community response in our town, with many people going above and beyond to help their neighbours. One of the most important ways we can keep each other safe is to respect and value social distancing at all times – it is the one most important, and frankly life-saving, acts of solidarity and care that we can carry out. I understand it is hard, but without it more lives will be unnecessarily lost. We will get through this, and all do our part while we stay apart

Cllr Ashbourne wished to pay particular tribute to the local neighbourhood policing team who have worked tirelessly patrolling the town and estates ensuring that public spaces were being used appropriately and social distancing observed.

As the government navigates a path out of lockdown it is vital that people continue to observe the guidelines. Flouting precautions that remain in place only makes a return to lockdown more likely.
Witney Town Council is also making preparations for the lifting of restrictions while following government guidance on opening facilities and services to the public and putting safe working practices in place to protect staff and the public/service users.

Although the skate park, splash park and play equipment remain closed for the time being, some play areas are being refurbished with the installation of new equipment and safety checks taking place in anticipation of reopening as soon as permitted.

Picture of The Leys with St Mary's Church in the background
Picture of The Leys with St Mary’s Church in the background

Premier Tennis is opening courts and the Coffee Shed with additional precautions in place to protect users and while the Corn Exchange remains closed – facilities within are being improved and upgraded.
It is in everyone’s interest to get through this and back to a semblance of normality as soon as possible.

Things are moving forward and we are keen to keep that momentum, but it does rely on the patience and full co-operation of members of the public in sticking to the rules and keeping things on track.