Town Hall Food Bank Collection Point

foodbank itemsFollowing a meeting of the Community Services Committee on 18th July, the Town Hall is now an official collection point for Oxfordshire West Food Bank.  You will find a box in the downstairs lobby where you can leave your items. Our location at the top of Market Square and close to the bus stops means we are a convenient drop off point for many people.  Like their HQ at Cottsway, the Town Hall is only open from Monday to Friday, so I am afraid we cannot take items over the weekend but there is another collection point in Waitrose that opens at weekends.

The food bank is currently suffering a bit of a shortage – here is their post from last week so if you can help out please do.

You can see our shelves are running empty – we’re having a Summer shortage!

We need your help now more than ever to restock on: Tinned Pies and Meat Stews, Long-life Juices and Squashes, Instant Coffee, and “Treats” (such as candy, crisps, snacks).

Treats are more important than you think – while the majority of items we give out are nutritious and are part of healthy meals, a treat or snack or even dessert at the end of a day can make a massive difference to morale and mental health.

They are also offering a challenge to see if you could feed yourself or your family on one of their emergency parcels. The list is here or you can find it on their Facebook Page.