Witney Town Council Snow & Ice Clearing

Witney Town Council does not clear or grit roads or pavements within the town or residential areas. Please see this link from Oxfordshire County Council with advice and information about snow clearing.

The Town Council does clear snow and ice in the areas for which it has custodianship and where access is essential.

  • Langdale Hall
  • Burwell Hall
  • Town Hall
  • Corn Exchange
  • Public sites
  • Cemetery car parks and single pathway access if possible
  • The Leys Yard

This does not mean that WTC will have staff available to grit these areas on all occasions but we  will endeavour to cover as appropriate. Play areas and sports fields are not cleared.

Current status 13.12.17 – the following have had snow and ice cleared

  • Langdale Hall  (construction work is underway but the car park has been gritted)
  • Burwell Hall snow and ice cleared and gritted to the front of the building
  • Town Hall -undercroft is clear of snow and gritted
  • Corn Exchange front cleared of snow and ice and the alley alongside that links to Langdale Hall
  • Tower Hill Cemetery car park is closed and the gates locked as the snow and ice here poses a significant health and safety risk.  A single pathway from the Co-Op funeral parlour gate up  past the chapel to the Curbridge Road gate is cleared and the path from the kissing gate on Tower hill has been gritted & adjoins this. No other paths within this cemetery have been cleared.
  • Windrush Cemetery car park is clear and a single path to the lower part of the cemetery is cleared for walking (not the full circle). The ashes path has been left with snow as this is a slightly safer surface than leaving ice or gritting on the paving stones beneath.
  • The Leys Yard