Your poppies continue to make a difference!

Are you wondering what’s happening with all the rescued poppies from the poppy mile? Here’s one really great idea that we have arranged today with Lorraine. Lorraine makes hats for the Innocent big knit fund raiser. Every hat donated raises 25p for Age UK which is a brilliant new purpose for our poppies! She is also in touch with RBL and will make some for them so that they can be sold to raise money for the poppy appeal. We really love this idea, it’s just one of the ways in which all those magnificent poppies will be recycled to raise money for good causes. If you or an organisation you are part of would like some poppies to help raise funds or to re-use the poppies in a meaningful way please get in touch and let us know all about it. We’d love to hear from you and will be standing by with armfuls of rescue poppies!

Innocent Smoothie bottles with knitted hats raising 25p per hat for Age UK