‘Clean for the Queen’ Roadside Regeneration Curbridge Road

Roadside Re-generation Work

Work has begun to clear an unsightly strip of land that separates properties on Thorney Leys from Curbridge Road.   A team from Witney Town Council’s grounds maintenance contractors, Gavin Jones Group, has removed fly-tipped rubbish along with dead and decaying undergrowth and litter.  This will allow future replanting to take hold and will rejuvenate the site.

Household doors, Christmas trees, a pram, pots & pans, concrete blocks, garden pots, garden waste and discarded filled dog waste bags are among the items removed. This will need to be sent to landfill and recycling sites at a cost to the Town Council and its taxpayers.

In conversation with the works team, most residents who had initially been concerned by the clearing of old vegetation have demonstrated their understanding of the need for the work and the planned improvement to the area, labelled an ‘eyesore’ by Witney residents. Some have even offered to donate cash or purchase plants to assist with the regeneration.

Chair of the Amenities Committee, Cllr Brenda Churchill, commented;

“As part of the Keep Britain Tidy Campaign, Clean For the Queen, there will be lots of projects of this kind undertaken by many different organisations in order to spruce up Witney in time to celebrate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday.”

The new planting will eventually lead to the restoration of the hedgerow that originally existed on the site.