Witney COVID-19 Heroes


It is time to acknowledge the enormous debt of thanks we owe to all those in our town who have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic with dedication and hard work.  These are ordinary people doing extraordinary things that have an immediate, positive, and tangible impact on the morale and wellbeing of others in the town.

With your help we can celebrate these modest heroes and offer a heartfelt thank you.

There are no categories because sometimes the smallest act of thoughtfulness at the most difficult of times makes someone the biggest of heroes to you, in that moment.

Witney Town Council wants to hear from you, with your nominations of someone that made a difference for you.

Witney Hero Plaque

Please let us know YOUR Witney Hero, including comments/stories as a way of saying thank you. Every person or organisation nominated will receive a badge and certificate from the Council which will include your comments.

There is no closing date for this nomination while the Pandemic is ongoing, and the community is still supporting each other in exceptional ways.

To nominate someone, fill in the form below.

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