Witney Tiny Forest Winter Visit Jan 2021

Witney’s Tiny Forest

This is  Witney Tiny Forest’s (or Tychwood, as it is affectionately known) dedicated webpage.

You can find the forest in Eton Close. The  entrance to the field is at the bottom end of the close.

Here you will find all the information we have about it, why we have a Tiny Forest, where it is and what to look out for when visiting along with some great photos.

Here is a selection from Planting Day, March 2020

Witney’s Tiny Forest has appeared on BBC’s Country file, on Radio 4 and in leading newspapers and magazines.

Earthwatch will be visiting regularly over the next decade, monitoring the forest and collecting scientific data. The first data Day was in September 2020.  There were two sessions.

The morning session looked at biodiversity. Observations were taken and noted  of the interactions of various fauna with the Tiny Forest, birds, butterflies and then insects and arachnids.

The afternoon session  looked at CO2 uptake and growth of the forest. There had been some  minor tree loss (which is expected) but the remainder were thriving and had grown significantly.


Data Collection September 2020

A winter Visit January 2021

You will also find the Mayor’s Tree for this year planted nearby. This is a Sycamore Maple chosen and planted by Mayor, Cllr Joy Aitman


Useful Documents
Earthwatch Presspack

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Tiny Forest press pack_fact sheet (1)

Tiny Forest press pack_How-to guide (1)

Tiny Forest press pack_How-to guide (2)

Tiny Forest press pack_How-to guide (3)

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The Clerk Magazine article




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