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Covid -19 Information Page 

This page is here to give our residents a source of up to date information and resources during the COVID-19 outbreak.

For local services provided by Oxfordshire County Council  follow this link

and for services provided by West Oxfordshire District Council follow this link

For advice for businesses, employers, employees and the self-employed click the button below

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For advice for families and individuals click the button below

Button links to financial help information for Families and Individuals

To stay up to date with current national advice from the government and the NHS please follow these links:

 Button Link to NHS site and latest Covid -19 information and adviceLink to Coronavirus FAQs what you can and cannot do . gov


We will keep posts on here brief- with links to full stories in news posts and each item will have a clear header to indicate the type of content. The top 5 posts will appear in the news feed to the top right hand side  of the page and you can navigate to all our other pages as normal using the menu to the left.

We intend to bring you a mix of news items relevant to living and working in Witney and the surrounding area  from ourselves, the district and county council.

You will find more updates on our Facebook page including some shared from other sites.

We are still available by email:
and by telephone 01993 704379 to help with your enquiries.

Stay Alert, Control the Virus, Save Lives 



Astonishing and outrageous to have to post scam awareness warnings when people are up against so much already! But, please be aware that at a time when communities are pulling together and doing amazing things to help each other out, there are still unscrupulous, dishonest people out to take advantage of the situation. OCC has a list of the most common scams but if any request or offer is made to you, take time to consider it, speak to someone else and don’t be afraid to say that you will get back to the person asking. If they are genuine they will not mind.
Scam Awareness Warning link


Our MP has put together a comprehensive 4 page  COVID-19 information leaflet which contains the latest NHS guidance, contact information for our local councils, volunteer groups and helpful organisations, as well as important anti-scam advice.

COVID-19 Info Sheet – Robert Courts MP

You are also welcome to visit his website

(www.robertcourts/coronavirus) or contact him directly ( if you have any particular queries which the leaflet does not address.


If you are among those classed as extremely vulnerable and you have not yet received your letter you can contact your local surgery or use this link to register yourself for extra support.
Register for extra support for extremely vulnerable