How the Town Council Raises and Spends Money

The Town Council is funded by the residents of Witney through a precept on the council tax charge made by West Oxfordshire District Council. The amount that the Town Council needs is decided by following the budgeting process that starts in Autumn each year. The Council looks at the amount spent over the year so far and what will be spent up to year end and then forecasts the predicted amount needed for the following year.

This is then used to set the precept.

budget setting infogram

In its fiftieth anniversary year, the Town Council is embarking on three major projects: The old skatepark on the Leys, West Witney Sports and Social Club, and in partnership with Courtside Hubs CIC, on The Leys Regeneration. It is also investing in a partnership delivery project of Youth Outreach work.

As a result Witney Town Council has agreed to increase its precept for the coming year, and will generate £1,984, 834 which will see residents pay an extra 85 pence a month for services, a total of £13.90 a month.

Councillors debated the budget proposals for the 2024/25 financial year, before agreeing to a 6.1 per cent increase to the precept at the Council meeting on Monday 8th January 2024. This means that from April the average Band D property will pay £177.00 a year for services, an extra £10.17 than last year.

The precept is the main source of income the Town Council receives and is just 7% of the total council tax bill paid by residents. The precept is used to deliver, maintain and enhance local services including community grants such as for youth work, early years, mental health drop-in; events such as Christmas lights, Remembrance and the Music Festival; parks and play areas, sports pitches, wheeled sports park, our public halls, the Corn Exchange, the lake and country park, cemeteries, street furniture and allotments.


The precept ensures that although the Council needs to charge fees for some services these are kept as low and affordable as possible for everyone.

The Town Council has a duty to demonstrate sound financial management and responsible governance and will continue to reinvest in its services and meet the expectations and aspirations of its residents by maximising the benefits from the precept.

2021 to November 2023, the last full two years which are available.

To be open and transparent we have detailed reports in relation to the operation of the Town Council on our dedicated finance pages.

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