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Ralegh Crescent Play area Park and Playground Equipment

Consultation report for Ralegh Crescent Playground Refurbishment project


The existing play area on Ralegh Crescent in the Deer Park area of Witney is now due for refurbishment. This document sets out the details of the project for suppliers who are interested in submitting a quote for the work.

The site is managed by Witney Town Council (WTC), and they will therefore be the clients for this project. Oxfordshire Playing Fields Association (OPFA) have been employed by WTC to act as the project manager, working in conjunction with the Town Council throughout. The contact for suppliers is Nicole O’Donnell, email oxfordshirepfa@gmail.com

The postcode for the play area is OX28 5GP. The play area is highlighted in yellow on the map below.

Photos of the existing site




The objectives of this project are to:-

  • Create an exciting play space to replace the existing facility on Ralegh Crescent in Witney
  • Ensure the project delivers free access to child-friendly facilities with high play value for children up to 12 years old
  • Ensure that the play space is inclusive and caters for varying abilities
  • Ensure the new play area has a serviceable lifespan of greater than 20 years.

Existing equipment

The existing equipment was installed over a period of time, with the most recent addition being a conical spinning climber. This piece of equipment must be retained, although it can be moved if necessary to accommodate the design. All other pieces of equipment can be removed. The Town Council has a Proludic Hip Hop in storage that they would like to use in this play area. Suppliers should therefore take this into account in their design and include the installation of this in their installation costs.


The budget for this project is: £63,000

This includes all groundworks, installation, surfacing and equipment. The Town Council will arrange and pay separately for an independent post installation inspection, not to be included in this budget.

Footprint of the site

The footprint of the play space must remain the same.

Fencing and shrubs

The play space will continue to be fenced in. Fencing should not be included in quotes by play suppliers; WTC will source and install this separately. They will also remove some of the existing shrubs from the 3 sides of the play area that adjoin the field in order to improve the line of sight to the site.

Age range

The play space should be designed for children aged up to 12.


Nothing on the play space should exceed 4m in height, in order to avoid the need for planning permission, and take into account the proximity of residences.

Siting of equipment should meet the required buffer zone: 20m minimum separate between the activity zone and the habitable room façade of dwellings.

 Police input

WTC intends to get input on the design from Thames Valley Police as there have been some incidences of vandalism in the past. There may be some amendments to the design as a result.


The site suffers from drainage issues, something that came up very clearly in the consultation, with residents commenting that they can only use the site in the summer months as it is too boggy through the rest of the year. WTC would like suppliers to use spoil from the removal of existing equipment and extra topsoil to try and resolve this problem.

WTC has a policy of not using wetpour or bonded rubber mulch on their play areas, due to the difficulty in disposing of the material. Wherever possible they favour the use of play bark, although do recognise that this may not be possible on this site, given the issues with drainage. Quotes should include information on the choice of surfacing in light of this information, and recommendations from suppliers. Please discuss this with the Project Manager.

Material of equipment

Suppliers should quote for steel equipment; no wooden items to be used on this site.


Designs should be accessible and inclusive, in order that children of all ages and abilities are able to use the site.

Ancillary items

Suppliers should include 1 recycling bin and 1 bench in their design.


A detailed consultation has been carried out with c.70 children from West Witney Primary School with their parents and carers; a report from the consultation is attached for information. The children were asked to choose their favourite 3 items of equipment from a wide range of suppliers and different types. It was made clear during the consultation that the pictures were just for ideas and would not necessarily be the exact piece of equipment that was part of the final design. Parents and carers had the opportunity to complete a questionnaire and/or give their thoughts verbally to the project manager, and everyone was also able to add ideas on post-it notes that were supplied.

Some very clear needs came through from the community and these should be taken into account as far as possible in the design.


Suppliers should take into account the top preferences from the consultation (detailed on page 2 of the consultation report), and in particular:

  • A large slide, preferably as part of a multi-play unit that caters for all ages and abilities and also offers climbing, in order to meet the most popular requests from the consultation. The site is level and therefore does not offer the possibility of a slide on a bank or mound. The multi-play unit should offer an element of challenge.
  • Adequate equipment for toddlers and pre-school children. It has come through very clearly from the consultation that this is a priority for this site. Other town sites are larger and therefore cater more for older children, particularly given that older children can travel to get there. Ralegh Crescent is more of a local play area and whilst it does need to cater for ages up to 12, it is important not to overlook the pre-school age.
  • Flat bed and cradle swings. No nest or basket swing to be included.
  • A trail for the younger age group.
  • The Proludic Hip Hop will be included instead of the aerial see-saw (3rd most popular piece of equipment) as this gives similar play value.
  • In-ground trampoline: whilst this was the second most popular choice of equipment, WTC are concerned that it may not be possible to provide this on this site, given the issues with drainage, as it may fill up with water and become very difficult to maintain. Suppliers should therefore take this into account and only include a trampoline in the design if they feel that there are areas on the slightly higher ground adjacent to the trees where this may be a possibility. Please discuss this with the Project Manager.

Challenge in play

Children need the opportunity to challenge themselves and take risks to learn how to manage risk, which is an essential part of growing up and developing vital skills for the future. Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (1999) states that a play area risk assessment is required. This must be undertaken by the play supplier, rating the risk on a probability to severity scale, whereby all elements should not exceed a medium rating. Risk should be designed out, in line with guidance from Play safety forum: Managing Risk in Play Provision: Implementation guide, and current resources.

Installation, inspection and maintenance

The supplier and installer must be suitably qualified and experienced in play area schemes. WTC will organize for an independent post installation inspection, and any defect repairs identified must be carried out by the supplier prior to site handover.

The aspiration of this project is to create a play area which will last over twenty years, so all aspects of the design and selected features should take this into account. All equipment and surfacing must come with an  BS EN 1176/ BS EN 1177 certificate or equivalent, manufacturer’s guarantee, maintenance, and inspection manual and regime.


Installation of the site should take place in time to be open for the 2018 summer school holidays.

Return of quotations

Quotations should be returned to Nicole O’Donnell by 30th March. Contact details are:

Nicole O’Donnell

Community Development Officer

Oxfordshire Playing Fields Association

Colin Sanders Business Innovation Centre

Mewburn Road


OX16 9PA

01295 817662