New Youth Council Invited to Shape the Future


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Calling all 11 – 18 year olds in Witney!

Do you have ideas and ambitions to do something a bit different? Do you want to make an impact on Witney and change things up?

You might be interested in joining the newly reinstated Youth Council. Witney Town Council is inviting applications from today.

Earlier this year we had an amazing number of insightful responses to our annual residents’ satisfaction survey from students in schools where this had been shared with them, indicating that our young people do have an interest in politics and democracy at this level. This supported the Town Council’s drive to reinstate the Youth Council. The Town Council has a proud history of supporting a Youth Council.  The initiative was first introduced in 2008. It’s been through quite a few makeovers since then and every fresh intake of young councillors have their own new ideas and concerns.

Witney Town Council’s desire to hear from and act upon the needs and wishes of young people within the town is encapsulated within its Vision for the Youth Council.

“Witney Town Council supports and empowers young people in Witney to be more involved in making decisions about issues and services that affect them in their futures. A Witney Youth Council gives children and young people a ‘collective voice’ that is listened to and helps influence actions by decision makers.”

That all sounds quite stuffy and formal on paper. In reality it is actually lots more fun. Previous Youth Councils have hosted bake sales, taken part in Remembrance Day, attended and run events, and even hosted their own nerf gun arcade stall at Witney Carnival in order to raise funds for their projects and events. They were also involved in encouraging their peers to take part in the census and raising awareness of climate and other issues they felt passionately about.

The Youth Council will have a budget of £500 a year to start fundraising events. Funds raised will give them a bigger budget with which to work towards fulfilling their own projects. Witney’s Youth Council has its own Instagram account and Facebook page which will be managed by the members, where they can keep everyone updated about their work.

There will be a maximum of 20 Youth Council members and they will meet a minimum of four times a year.

Witney Town Council is looking forward to working alongside younger representatives from the community again. It offers both sides an opportunity to consult with each other and gain different perspectives and understand different points of view and opinions.

Stronger Communities Chair, Cllr, Dr Lisa Cherry recognises how important and exciting it is to hear from our younger people.

“As Chair of the Stronger Communities Committee, I’m delighted that we have a dedicated platform to ensure that young people’s voices are well and truly represented in the heart of the town.”

If you have a burning ambition to see something new in the town and the determination to find a way to make it happen (budget permitting!) then visit the Youth Council page on our website. There’s a fun video and all the information you need to submit your application to us by the closing date of 15th September.





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