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COVID 19 – Request NHS Loaned Equipment Recall

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Can you help with returning old equipment?
The NHS are asking residents to give unused health equipment back. Items can be recycled and reused such as: chairs, beds, mattresses, electrical items, bed rails, walking and toilet frames, and slings that can be collected by NRS healthcare while observing social distancing.

For further information about the ‘hand it back’ campaign, contact NRS to arrange a FREE collection of health care equipment that is no longer needed. Call NRS Healthcare on: 01869 225 420 or email Please do not attempt to return the equipment in person.


Message from the Chief Constable Ahead of the Easter Weekend


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The Chief Constable said: “With Easter coming this weekend and the weather forecast to be fine, it is vitally important that the public continue to adhere to the Government restrictions. I appreciate that this is a time of year when we would usually be enjoying time with our families and friends, however these are unprecedented times and we must all do our part to protect each other and the vital services of the NHS.

“Thank you to the residents of the Thames Valley for complying with the Government’s measures. They are in place to protect us all, and I appreciate the effort that all of you are making to stay indoors and social distance when you have to leave the house for an essential reason.

“I know these restrictions will now be well-known by now, but let me remind you all that you can only leave your home to shop for basic necessities, for one form of exercise per day, for a medical or care need, and to travel to and from work, but only where you cannot work from home. If you are outside for these essential activities please ensure you are at least two meters from anyone who you do not live with.

“Please do not be tempted to go out for any other reason.

“As usual, our officers will be patrolling our communities during Easter. We will be engaging with the public to ensure they are complying with the Government directives. Where there is any misunderstanding about the measures, we will explain and encourage the public to follow the guidelines. However, when necessary we will enforce the new powers given to us by Parliament.

“Our frontline officers and staff have been given personal protection equipment (PPE) to use. You may therefore see our officers wearing gloves and masks when they are out this weekend, if they are not able to keep the required distance with the public. This is for your safety and theirs.

“This is an unprecedented public health emergency and an extraordinary national effort is required to fight this virus. I am proud that the public and my staff have been working together to help save lives. I thank you all and I wish you all a very happy Easter.”
Message Sent By
Emma Tarry (Police, Communications Officer, Thames Valley)



Astonishing and outrageous to have to post scam awareness warnings when people are up against so much already! But, please be aware that at a time when communities are pulling together and doing amazing things to help each other out, there are still unscrupulous, dishonest people out to take advantage of the situation. OCC has a list of the most common scams but if any request or offer is made to you, take time to consider it, speak to someone else and don’t be afraid to say that you will get back to the person asking. If they are genuine they will not mind.
Scam Awareness Warning link

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Our MP has put together a comprehensive 4 page  COVID-19 information leaflet which contains the latest NHS guidance, contact information for our local councils, volunteer groups and helpful organisations, as well as important anti-scam advice.

COVID-19 Info Sheet – Robert Courts MP

You are also welcome to visit his website

(www.robertcourts/coronavirus) or contact him directly ( if you have any particular queries which the leaflet does not address.


Image of Page 1 of the COVID19 information leaflet