Heritage Open Day 2019 – Write Up Your Street

CANCELLED- We are sorry to announce that this event has been cancelled and apologise for any disappointment-  CANCELLED


This year’s Heritage Open Day theme is ‘People Power’.
Probably the first thing that springs to mind is political activism – demonstrations, marches, sit-ins.  All these forms of protest are one definition of People Power – but we are also looking at a far wider, and gentler, form of power.
At its very essence, Heritage Open Day is People Power – local communities telling the stories they want told, shaping the perceptions of their village, town or region, and playing a role in ensuring their heritage is celebrated and maintained.

Who are the extraordinary people who have been celebrated  and commemorated by having streets named after them in our town – the thinkers, the dreamers, the historical figures, those people who just got things done? We want to celebrate the overlooked and the forgotten, as well as more familiar stories.

We are asking you to research the street where you live. Obviously, Market Square is self-explanatory, but who were Blake,  Ashcombe, Collier?

Let’s not stop at people—why French Close, why Dark Lane, why The Springs, Puck Lane?  Every road has history but if you are uninspired with yours choose another in town to research. We are happy to feature multiple entries for the same road too as everyone will highlight different things that interest them,

Witney Town Council would like to mount an exhibition of your research into why your street is named as it is. Or the history of your house—did someone notable live there?  Or your
business premises? If you have photos can we display them? Street parties? Photos of every day life or old vehicles or memorable events in your street would be perfect for the display.

Details and times of the exhibition are below


Open our hints and resources document


We have a  template you can use to make it easy to collate your research.

Open the Template

You don’t HAVE to use this of course. Whatever you decide to do please return your  findings, along with any photos you have, by email to:


or in person or by post to The Town Hall, Market Square, Witney, Oxon, OX28 6AB

by Monday 9th September for inclusion in the Exhibition


The exhibition will be held in the Corn Exchange between Sunday 15th September and Saturday 21st September.  The Corn Exchange is fully accessible and wheelchair and push chair friendly. Along with the exhibition we will have some children’s activities to keep everyone occupied and interested.

Sunday 15th  Sept           10 am to 3 pm

Monday 16th  Sept          9 am to 3 pm

Tuesday 17th Sept           9 am to 3 pm

Wednesday 18th Sept   9 am to 5 pm

Thursday 19th Sept        9 am to 3 pm

Friday 20th Sept               9 am to 3 pm

Saturday 21st  Sept        9 am to 2 pm



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