Car Free Day – 22 September -Cycle Racks

Car free day Poster
Car Free Day Poster


You will all be familiar with existing cycle racks around town, but we do have some new ones and some of the older ones have been replaced. You will also find some of the faded cycle lane markings have been repainted to make them clearer.
Locations of new racks:
• Bridge at the Mill St end
• Lower High St Shops, by bus stop to Oxford
• Corner of Welch Way by the flower bed
• Deer Park shops
• Fettiplace Rd shops, round the side
• Windrush Place, by the bus stop into Witney
• Church Green (near the Post Box)
• Mill Walk (around the corner from where Hacketts was)
• The Leys (along the avenue of trees nearer the church end)
• Market Square (Replacement rack to mend the broken one adjacent to where Bills was)
Cllr Ruth Smith said
There has been demand for bike racks at these locations for some time and a few had run into snags and stalled in the past. This COVID-recovery active travel funding is a very welcome opportunity to make shopping and leisure easier for individuals and families, with cycle parking where it was noticeably lacking.