New “City Haven” Bus Shelter for Burwell Drive

A long awaited replacement for a shelter removed due to constant vandalism is to be installed in Burwell Drive.  The site is being prepared and it is hoped  the new vandal-proof shelter will be in place by mid to late August.

A City Haven Shelter with Sedum living roof A City Haven shelter with Sedum living roof

City Haven shelters have a living roof planted with sedums.   This provides a wide range of benefits to the urban environment. It
absorbs rainwater, reduces stormflow, captures dust and pollutants from the air – and regulates temperatures.
Adding plants in urban spaces has plenty of other benefits, including: reducing noise pollution, reducing stress, increasing biodiversity, beautifying the city, absorbing carbon, and improving air quality. It’s also a safe haven for bees and other insects.

The decision to include a living roof for the new shelter is in keeping with Witney Town Council’s commitment to finding more sustainable solutions, and meeting its climate emergency objectives.