Witney Town Council Press Release – 20mph and Reduced Speed Limits – Witney Streets

Witney Town Council is delighted to have been working alongside Oxfordshire County Council on proposals to bring about reduced 20mph speed limits across Witney. This would make the streets safer for cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers. Witney would be the largest town in Oxfordshire to pilot a large-scale speed reduction to 20 mph, which would be funded entirely by the County Council.

Councillor Liz Leffman, Leader of Oxfordshire County Council, said:

“We’re delighted that more than 70 villages and some urban areas throughout the county have signed up to request their streets are reduced to 20mph speed limits after an initiative we agreed last Autumn. It’s a pleasure to see that plan taking shape and local communities will reap the benefit in terms of safer streets.”

The Town Council has campaigned for speed restrictions following requests from residents for some time and hopes this scheme, brought about by a change of policy and approach to simplify speed limit requests by the County Council, will encourage active and safer travel across Witney for all. Drivers have responded well to the 20mph reductions already created between Tower Hill and Madley Park and suggested areas proposed in the scheme have been considered to keep it easy for residents and visitors to understand. Several stretches of road on the outskirts of the town are not suitable for a 20mph limit, so reductions here are proposed to be proportionate to the surrounding road layout.

Cllr Liz Duncan, Mayor of Witney, and Chair of a Town Council Working Party set up to develop the scheme commented:

It is exciting to see this comprehensive 20mph scheme coming to our town, bringing improved road safety for residential streets, reducing the risks of death and injury.  We have received many requests from residents for the reduced speed limit and this whole town approach will bring huge benefits. As well as safer streets, other similar schemes have seen reductions in traffic noise, better air quality and increased physical activity because with roads feeling safer, people are happier to leave the car at home and walk or cycle instead.”

We would like to encourage residents to respond to the consultation to share their views and suggestions.